Beware of Top 3 Dating Scams: Hot Singles, Personal Info, Money for Sex

Top 3 Dating Scams To Be Wary Of While Using Online Dating

Learn about the worst and best online dating scams, common tactics, and how to avoid them. Don't fall for hot singles, personal info prying, or money for sex scams.

Beware of Top 3 Dating Scams: Hot Singles, Personal Info, Money for Sex

Worst and Most Obvious Dating Scams: Singles who Offer Sex Right Away

Typically, people sign up to online dating platforms because they want to meet up with hot singles in their area. While not every single one of these people are going to be desperate for love, a good amount of them will be. These are usually the perfect targets for online dating scammers. The worst online dating scams out there are the ones who target unattractive people in order to have money sent to them, and although this doesn't always work, it works enough for them to keep on pursuing these tactics. The worst dating scams usually consist of super hot women and men messaging people for sex or love, only to ask them for money in return. Surprisingly, a good majority of people are willing to send money over if that means landing a date or getting laid, however, these scams are called the worst dating scams for a reason, and never result in love or sex.

Best Dating Scams to Watch Out For: People Prying for Personal Information

While there are a handful of horribly obvious online dating scams, there are also a handful of online dating scams that are hard to pinpoint. The best online dating scams are the ones that catch their victims by surprise. Mainly, online scammers choose to lure their victims in by chatting with them for long periods of time and trying to get as much personal information from them as possible. The best dating scams can also come in the form of an entire website! For example, there are some websites out there that promise sex for free, but then ask their customers for their credit card numbers. These sites are usually fake and filled with phony profiles and singles.

Common Dating Site Scams: Singles Asking for Money in Exchange for Sex

Since online dating sites have become so popular in Dallas, and all around the world, it is no wonder that online scammers have decided to cash in on the opportunity. In fact, there are so many common dating site scams that a good percentage of online dating site users have fallen victim to them. The most common dating site scams consists of sexy singles messaging less attractive people and trying to exchange sex for money. Commonly, these people will tell their victims that if they wire them money, they will present themselves to their homes and have sex with them. However, these people never present themselves to their victims' homes, and usually live halfway across the world.

Why Online Scams on Dating Sites are so Popular

There are hundreds of online platforms that host scammers, however, the most common type of scammer usually hides on online dating platforms. This is because it is one of the most highly trafficked platforms on the internet, and is filled with desperate people who will do anything to find love. This has proven to be a very successful market for online scammers, which is why there are so many online scams on dating sites.

How to Avoid Online Dating Scams

If you want to learn how to avoid online dating scams, all you really need to do is use some common sense and be extremely cautious when chatting with singles. To do this, offer to exchange phone numbers, Facebook names, or other communication systems that can authenticate the identity of your online friend. Also, don't waste too much time chatting with one person. Ask them to meet in person and if they keep bailing, move on to someone new.